Security policy



1.1    Truong Hai Auto Corporation ("THACO") understands the importance and respects the privacy of personal information ("Information") of website visitors and users of THACO services (THACO website visitors and / or THACO product consumers, or users of THACO services hereinafter referred to as the "Customer"); websites, products, and services are collectively referred to as the "Services"), in its sole discretion - THACO with this Privacy Policy (the "Policy") will provide an overview of the principles of the collection, use, disclosure, and storage of Customer's Info which THACO collects in the ways described in Section 4 of this Policy.

1.2    This Policy applies to all THACO Services; however, from time to time, for each Service or part of the Service, depending on the characteristics and requirements of the Service, THACO may supplement / modify the content related to this Policy to apply dedicatedly to those particular Services.

1.3    This Policy applies when Customer accesses, uses THACO Services, and at any time when Customer accesses, uses the Services provided by THACO, i.e., Customer agrees with the terms THACO provides in this Policy (including supplements, modifications from time to time).

1.4    Depending on the situation, the need for actual security, THACO may modify this Policy without prior notice or consent of the Customer. By updating this policy, THACO will revise the "last update" time at the end of this Policy; thus, in prior to accessing THACO Services, Customer should regularly check the Policy Information for the latest updates. In the event that THACO updates the Policy and Customer uses the Service after the Policy has been updated, it means that the Customer agrees and is bound to the new term(s) specified in the updated Policy.


2.1    THACO collects Customer Information primarily for the purposes of supporting and maintaining relationships with Customers, namely:

  1. a) Notifying Customer of promotions, advertisements or other purposes of direct marketing or trade promotions;
  2. b) Maintaining communication with Customer, answering Customer inquiries related to THACO Services;
  3. c) Supporting when Customer purchases vehicles and / or uses THACO Services.

2.2    THACO collects Information for the purposes of controlling and enhancing the quality of the Services, namely:

  1. a) Monitoring visitors and users of THACO Services;
  2. b) Analysis and optimization of THACO Services;
  3. c) Enhancing the quality of THACO's Services and / or Services of Subsidiaries and Affiliates of THACO ("Subsidiaries").

2.3    In addition to the purposes mentioned in subsections 2.1, 2.2, THACO may also collect Information for other purposes apart from those required by laws.


3.1    Customer Information collected by THACO includes:

  1. a) Name;
  2. b) Telephone number;
  3. c) Email;
  4. d) Permanent address;

3.2    For respective Service, other specific information collection purposes, THACO may, from time to time, require Customer to provide additional Information to ensure Customer's use of the Services or to ensure effective and convenient communication and transactions between THACO and Customer, namely: Customer's existing or favorite vehicles; license plates; mileage and / or other necessary information.

3.3    Regarding the scope of information collection under this Policy, THACO will always set the functions on the Website interface for Customer to decide whether to provide or refuse to provide Information to THACO.


In order to ensure that the information collected is complete and accurate, as the case may be, THACO may choose to use a single or aggregated method of collecting Customer Information as follows:

4.1    Requesting Customer to provide Information

THACO may request Customer to provide Information in the following circumstances:

  1. a) Some of the THACO Services allow / request the Customer to create personal accounts or profiles, and in order to best utilize these Services, THACO may require Customer to provide such Information in Section 3 above to meet the Customer's use of the Services.
  2. b) In case Customer requests THACO to answer any questions related to THACO Services or Customer requires THACO to provide the Services: online car purchase order, car maintenance support, THACO can request Customer to provide Information to handle their requests quickly and accurately;
  3. c) Other requests for information collection depend on THACO demands.
  4. d) THACO will always provide the option of deciding whether or not to provide Customer Information. Where Customer chooses not to provide Information, some Services, transactions may become unachievable or some of the Customer transactions will be implemented under Guest mode.

4.2    THACO self-Information collection

  1. a) Collection of Information from third-party sources

THACO may receive Customer Information that is publicly available on any third party's e-commerce websites or receive Customer Information from a third party when THACO engages in Transactions with such Information transfer.

  1. b) Information Collection during Services

During Services, THACO may also collect Customer Information in other appropriate ways with Customer's consent.

  1. c) Information Collection during Customer's use of the Services

Some of THACO's Services allow Customer to contact third parties, such communications will be transferred and the information generated during those communications may be stored on THACO system.

4.3    Information Consolidation

THACO may consolidate Customer Information obtained by various methods described in this Section as an Information Completion Act to serve the purposes mentioned in this Policy without prior consent of the Customer. However, Customer always has the right to make modifications in their Information in accordance with Section 10.1 of this Policy.


5.1    THACO uses Customer Information to:

  1. a) Adopt measures to improve THACO Services;
  2. b) Establish loyal customer assistance programs or other trade promotion programs;
  3. c) Solve issues relating to the Service use of Customer or transactions between THACO and Customer;
  4. d) Send open letters, orders, and letters of thanks;
  5. e) Send Promotions or other Information to Customer upon prior consent of Customer.
  6. f) Announce recruitment information of THACO if Customer subscribes to email notifications.
  7. g) Assess and analyze THACO market, customers, and Services
  8. h) Other legal purposes in which THACO is allowed to use the Information.


6.1    For the purpose of collecting the Information referred to in this Policy, THACO may require third-party support for data analysis, marketing and customer service support, and / or providing better services to Customers. During the support process, THACO may disclose Customer's Information to the following entities, namely:

  1. a) THACO subsidiaries when such subsidiaries are necessary to implement / complete the transaction established between THACO and Customer.
  2. b) THACO's trusted business partners, the disclosure and the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of Customer's Information shall be in accordance with the agreement between THACO and THACO's business partners.

6.2    For business development or in the event that THACO may have to reorganize, transfer, or go bankrupt, THACO assignees may receive Customer's Information to continue providing and performing the Services to Customer.

6.3    THACO will have to disclose Customer Information to a Third Party or a competent authority when required by the competent authority or otherwise under the laws or THACO has reasons to believe that the disclosure of Information may protect the rights, property or safety of Customer or THACO / Subsidiaries of THACO.

6.4    Other parties upon the agreement or instructions of Customer.


THACO will only store Customer Information when it is necessary for the purpose for which the Information was collected or as required by the Contract or in accordance with applicable laws.


8.1    Some of the contents, advertisements, and functions on THACO website may be provided by third parties which whether or not affiliates with THACO. These third parties may collect or receive certain Information about Customer use of the Services by using Cookies, Beacons and similar technologies, and such Information may be collected from time to time, and also associated with Information collected on various websites and online services.

8.2    If Customer is connected to a social network service, THACO may receive and store the Credentials from that Service to enable Customer to log in, as well as other Information that Customer allows THACO storage upon Customer connection to those services.

8.3    By accessing and / or using THACO Services, Customer agrees to store Cookies, Beacons, and other local storage technologies. Customer also agrees with the access to Cookies, Beacons, and local storage technologies from THACO and above-mentioned third parties.

8.4    As stated above, THACO Services may have links to other third-party websites not under THACO's control; therefore, THACO will not be responsible for the safety or confidentiality of any Information which is collected by such third parties, or not performed on the website interface which THACO has the right to manage and / or control. It is advisable that Customer takes caution and reviews the Privacy Policy applicable to Third Parties' websites and services being used by Customer.


9.1    THACO undertakes to protect Customer's Information strictly in accordance with the terms set forth in this Policy and the laws.

9.2    THACO will apply appropriate technical and security options and solutions to best protect Customer Information. However, please remember that although THACO makes reasonable arrangements for the protection of Customer Information, not all sites, Internet connections, computer systems or wireless connections are completely safe. Henceforth, THACO can not make an absolute commitment that the Information provided to THACO will be kept in absolute confidentiality and THACO cannot be held liable in the event of unauthorized access, leakage of Customer's Information if it is not THACO's fault. If Customer does not agree with the terms indicated above, it is recommended that Customer should not send the Information to THACO.


10.1 Rights

  1. a)      Customers are guaranteed the rights and confidentiality of Information that THACO has undertaken under this Policy;
  2. b)      Customer has the right to access to their Information and to self-correct errors in their personal data or to update / supplement the information stored on the website. Customer also has the right to remove personal data on their own website or request THACO to stop using such personal data for marketing purposes by sending a request to discontinue the activities of receiving notifications and information from the website.
  3. c)      In the event that Customer does not wish to receive any advertisements or promotional information from THACO, he / she reserves the right to refuse at any time by sending a request to unsubscribe from THACO website according to the instructions at the bottom of the page.

10.2 Responsibilities

  1. a)      Customer shall thoroughly read this Policy before using or accessing THACO Services. Customer's use of THACO Services is also a confirmation that Customer has thoroughly understood and agreed with this Policy.
  2. b)      Customer shall provide accurate and legal Information to THACO upon request and agreement. Customer will be fully responsible (in no case shall THACO be jointly responsible in parts or wholly) if the Customer's Information provided to THACO is inaccurate, unlawful and / or Customer's Service performance is interrupted, unachievable; Or the transaction between THACO and Customer, between THACO and the Third Party, between Customer and the Third Party is interrupted or unachievable due to technical factors, transmission lines, system failures, etc. or any material or non-material damage arising from the use of such inaccurate / illegal Information.
  3. c)      Customer shall not use any other programs, tools, or other means to interfere with the system or to alter the data structure of the Service, website interface, or current functions of THACO website.
  4. d)      Customer shall not distribute, disseminate, or encourage any activity that interferes with, disrupts or infiltrates THACO's website data.
  5. e)      Customer shall not distribute or disseminate content that violates the law and / or social morals on THACO website.
  6. f)      All violations shall be handled according to the provisions of law.


THACO appreciates all comments, contacts, and feedback from Customers on THACO Services as well as this policy. For any inquiries, please contact the following address:


Address: 80 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Tel.: 08 39.977.824/25/26

Fax: 08 39.977.742