General policy


Dear Customers!

Truong Hai Auto Corporation ("Company") would like to express our sincere thanks to Customers who have trusted and used our products (cars, spare parts, ...) and services. The Company is committed that the e-commerce activities are in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in these policies.

To ensure your own interests, in prior to setting up your dealings with the Company, please carefully read the terms and conditions of these policies to understand the vehicle purchase procedure of the Company.

This Policy applies when Customer has vehicle dealing with the Company, and at any time when Customer uses the products or services provided by the Company, i.e., the Customer agrees with the terms which the Company provides in this Policy (including supplements and modifications from time to time).

Depending on the actual situation and needs, the Company may adjust this Policy without prior notice or consent of the Customer. Upon updating this policy, the Company will revise the "latest update" time at the end of the Policy; therefore, before using the products or services of the Company, the Customer should regularly check the Policy Information for the latest updates. In the event the Company updates the Policy and Customer uses the Service after the Policy has been updated, it means the Customer agrees and is bound to the new term(s) specified in the updated Policy.



1. Consultation: When Customers come to the showrooms of the Company or contact by phone or send requests for support through the Company's website, the sales consultants of the Company will directly consult and introduce to Customers the car brand, type of vehicle, and the vehicle which is most suitable for the Customer's needs and conditions.

2. Vehicle Order: When the Customer has selected the right vehicle, the Customer will place an order with the Company by contacting the Company directly at any showroom of the Company according to the specific instructions of the sales consultants of the Company.

3. Contract conclusion: After the Customer places the order in accordance with the sub-section 2 above; the Company's sales consultant will contact and invite the Customer to the showroom to sign the vehicle purchase contract.

4. Payment: After the contract is signed, the Customer will make payments to the Company by cash or bank transfer according to terms and conditions in the Contract agreed between the Company and the Customer.

5. Vehicle delivery: after Customer makes the payment to the Company according to the Contract and within the time frame agreed upon in the Contract, the Company will carry out the procedure of handing over the car to the Customer as stipulated in the Vehicle Delivery Policy mentioned in Section 2 below.


1. Scope of regulation: This policy provides the basic procedure for vehicle delivery between the Company and the Customer.

2. Subjects of application: The Company and Vehicle Customer of the Company (the Customer has completed the payment mentioned in sub-item 4 in Section I above).

3. Location of vehicle delivery: The Company will hand over the vehicle to the Customer at the Company's Head Office unless otherwise stipulated in the Contract. The Customer will receive the vehicle directly at the Company's Vehicle Delivery Department under the guidance of the Sales Consultant.

4. Vehicle Delivery process

  • General principle: The Company will only deliver the vehicle to the person who has entered into the contract with the Company, or their legal authorized person. The vehicle delivery to the legitimate authorized person has a legal effect equal to the vehicle delivery to the person entering into the contract. Where the authorized person at the time of delivery does not provide documents proving his or her legal status of authorization, the Company has the right to refuse to deliver the vehicle and inform the failed delivery to the person entering into the contract. In all cases, the Company will hand over the vehicle to the Customer at the place mentioned in the Contract.
  • Prior to the vehicle delivery, the Sales Consultant will contact the Customer in advance to confirm the time and place of vehicle delivery and instruct the Customer to prepare necessary documents upon the delivery. The costs incurred related to the vehicle delivery outside the showroom will be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Contract between the Company and the Customer.
  • At the time of vehicle delivery, please carefully check the type, quantity, condition of the cars, accessories and / or other promotional items (if any) as per the agreement of the parties in the Contract.
  • The Sales Consultant who is in charge of the vehicle handover procedure will set up a "Vehicle Inspection and Delivery Form" ("Form") which shows the vehicle status upon the delivery and its accessories (if applicable). Customer shall check the Form contents which are recorded according to the actual delivery. The Form will be made in at least 02 copies and in all cases, Customer will always receive one original of the Vehicle Inspection and Delivery Form.
  • Confirmations in the Form are that the Company has delivered the vehicle and that the Customer has received the vehicle properly, adequately, and of the same quality as agreed in the Contract. After the Form confirmation of both parties, the Company's responsibility will be implemented in accordance with the warranty provisions

5. Time of vehicle delivery

  • Time of vehicle delivery is provided specifically in the Contract.
  • In the meantime, if Customer has any inquiries in respect of the vehicle delivery, please contact the Company's Hotline for assistance from the Company.


  1. Subjects of application: Companies and Customers who are using cars purchased from the Company's showroom / agent system.
  2. The warranty is undertaken in accordance with the warranty policies and procedures of each car brand distributed by the Company.

Product return policy will be implemented in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty policy for each car brand that the Company distributes.