In order to provide customers with the best after-sales service, Peugeot introduces our CALL CENTER, hotline 1900-545591. We will provide information, answer inquiries about products, prices, promotions, incentives, warranty, and distribution system of Peugeot.

CALL CENTER PEUGEOT team consists of professional consultants who are professionally trained to answer customer inquiries, promptly receive and process customer information in the most convenient way.

With a commitment to provide comprehensive customer service and bring the peace of mind to our customers who own a car manufactured, assembled and distributed by THACO, our CALL CENTER PEUGEOT team makes the efforts to increase our customer satisfaction, offering more peace of mind and confidence to use PEUGEOT products and services.

I.a Support and assistance

- Receiving and resolving all customer complaints about PEUGEOT products and services.
- Counseling products, sales, warranty, maintenance, service, accessories of Peugeot.
- Providing the latest information on products, services and promotions.
- Other replies regarding the nationwide distribution system.
All customer information is confidential.

I.b Working time

Mondays to Fridays: From 8:00 to 17:00
Saturdays: From 8:00 to 15:00
No services on Sundays and holidays.

I.c How to use the Call Center

When encountering any problems, please contact the operator 1900545591 for guidance and answers.

II Customer Assistance Program

Call Center will answer and advise all issues related to before and after sales service including:
- New Product Launch Programs
- Incentives (Car price incentives and service incentives)
- Test drives
- After Sales Service (Notification of maintenance schedule, car care ...)