PEUGEOT Warranty


Warranty period

All Peugeot passenger cars distributed by THACO (Truong Hai Auto Corporation) in Vietnam market have a warranty period of 36 months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

• THACO will recharge the cooling system in 12 months (or 20,000 km, whichever comes first).

• Tires manufactured by tire manufacturers in Vietnam or their representatives in Vietnam are under the warranty of the tire manufacturers.

Warranty conditions

THACO will only repair, replace damaged spare parts of the new cars under the conditions:

• Vehicles operating under normal conditions.

• The quality of spare parts is not good.

• Assembly errors.

• Except for conditions provided in WARRANTY LIMITATIONS.

Notes: The warranty still applies when the vehicle is transferred to other vehicle owner.
Scope of warranty application
Warranty applies only within the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Free warranty
All repairs under warranty (spare parts, labor costs) are free.
• In addition, if the vehicle fails to reach the service workshop for warranty service, we will bear the costs of on-site repair or car-towing costs to the nearest authorized PEUGEOT service workshop within 100km at most.

Factors beyond the control of the manufacturer
• Impacts caused by restrictions of laws or government regulations.
• Wars, riots, factory closure.
• Improper repairs or modifications (racing, overloaded), accidents, neglect, arbitrary modifications, improper upgrades, improper connections, disconnections, repairs, adjustments, installation of spare parts / accessories not under warranty.
• Corrosion due to cosmetic chemicals or surface corrosion due to stones or paint scratching is not covered by the warranty.
• Damage or environmental damage such as acid rain, chemicals, resin, salt, hail, rainstorms, lightning, flood, and other natural effects are not covered by the warranty.

No warranty for wrong uses of materials, lubricating oils
• Car damage caused by improper use of fuels, lubricating oils that are not in accordance with the materials specified in the "User Manual" are not covered by the warranty.
• Use of non-genuine parts and accessories is not covered under warranty.

Maintenance costs are of vehicle owners' responsibility
• Engine calibration, oil change, oil filter, car wash, car polish, filter replacement, cooling water, electrolyte, air conditioning gas, fuels, fuel filter, oils, additives, spark plugs, fuses, bulbs (except halogen bulbs, HID bulbs, ....), driving belts (except cam belts), worn wiper blades, brake pads, clutches which require regular maintenance for all vehicles ... are non-warranty maintenance items.

Normal noise, vibrating car, natural deterioration
• Normal noise, vibrating car, corrosion or natural deterioration such as discoloration, deformation of parts due to aging, defects, are not covered by warranty.

Mileage change
• Any malfunctions of the vehicle which has had its mileage altered or tampered with, resulting in inaccurate measurements are not covered by warranty.

Additional costs
• Additional or incidental consequences such as phone calls, lost time, missed works or commercial damages are not covered by the warranty.

Owners' Responsibility
Under the limited warranty of spare parts, customers must be responsible for:
• Maintenance and repairs must be carried out in full compliance with the PEUGEOT regulations, which must be carried out by PEUGEOT authorized branches/dealers.
• Use and maintenance of the vehicle in accordance with the instructions in the vehicle's "User Manual".
• Keep documents related to the periodic maintenance as provided in the Warranty Book, as they are proof that your car has performed periodic maintenance in accordance with regulations.
• Maintain the documents, repair orders, invoices related to the replacement of the spare parts as they are proof that your car has had its spare parts replaced by THACO's products.


• The authorized dealers / warranty service workshops of CHU LAI TRUONG HAI PASSENGER CAR DISTRIBUTION CO., LTD (PC COMPANY) will be the places to make necessary repairs, using new or recycled accessories for vehicles under warranty for customers. To receive the best care and provide to your car with a thorough follow-up process, it is recommended that customers should go back to the dealers from where you have bought the cars.
• In the event that your car breaks down during your traveling or moving to another country, the car will not be covered by the warranty.

In the event of malfunctions, please prepare the following information:
• Accurate description of malfunctions, including operating conditions.
• Model and year of manufacture.
• Vehicle identification number (VIN).
• Current speed gauge.
• Car purchase date.
• Dealers / Service workshops which sold the cars and provide the services.
• Statistics of your car service process.

• Step 1: Contact the authorized dealers / service workshops of CHU LAI TRUONG HAI PASSENGER CAR DISTRIBUTION CO., LTD.
This is the most direct way to solve your problems. All authorized THACO PC dealers / service workshops in Vietnam are the ultimate legal entities in providing warranty services for your vehicles. Therefore, firstly, please contact the Service Department Director of the Dealer / Service Workshop or customer relations officers for a complete explanation of the malfunctions.
If you find that the problem is not resolved, please talk to the Director of the Dealer / Service Workshop who takes the highest interest in your satisfaction and your visits.
If the Dealer / Service Workshop that you contact cannot come up with the solutions ...
Please contact CHU LAI TRUONG HAI PASSENGER CAR DISTRIBUTION CO., LTD. (PC COMPANY) at the number of PC COMPANY's service department provided on the Warranty Registration Form.


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