As the official representative of Peugeot in Vietnam, THACO is committed to providing our customers with genuine spare parts that are designed according to Peugeot's precision standards and the original specifications of the Peugeot vehicles.



Gearbox oil transmits engine power to the gearbox, lubricating and cooling the gearbox.
Damage in case that periodical maintenance is not undertaken
Gearbox easily gets warm, damaged.
Vibrating gearbox causes noises due to shaft/gear noise.
May reduce speed and increase fuel consumption.
Change new oil every 40,000 km or 80,000 km (depending on the model).



Cooling the engine by taking away the excessive heat of combustion when the engine is working. Preventing the cooling system from getting corroded, frozen.
Damage in case that periodical maintenance is not undertaken
Reduced anti-rust effects, corrosion in cooling tank and engine body.
The engine is overheated as the boiling point of the cooling water decreases, leading to engine damage.
Change new cooling water every 40,000 km.



Keeping the front and rear windshields clean of rain water, dirt. Ensuring optimum visibility for the driver.
Damage in case that periodical maintenance is not undertaken
Broken wipers will scratch the windshield glass if they do not receive maintenance, reducing visibility when it rains.
Change new wipers every 6 months



Preventing dust, exhaust gas, pollen, and other harmful elements in the air to keep the car interior environment clean and comfortable.
Damage in case that periodical maintenance is not undertaken:
The filter will be clogged when the air conditioning system operates
Reducing the amount of fresh air circulating in the car and causing unpleasant odors
Change new filters every 20,000 km

In addition, other types of accessories and spare parts will be recommended when it comes to their periodical maintenance or when customers have their vehicle repaired at Peugeot service workshops nationwide:
- Wire harness
- Cam belts or chains
- Engine air filter
- Fuel Filters
- Clutch discs
- Brake pads
- Spark plugs
- Brake fluids
- Tallow fat