Why did I choose Peugeot 508?

The D segment segment of the D segment of the European brand is increasingly attractive to Vietnamese customers due to the convergence of luxury design and technology. In that ranks, the Peugeot 508 can say that the brand came late rather than ostentatious but quickly attracted customers and companionship. You can see many models in the same segment are very eye-catching, equipped and impressive price. So why choose Peugeot 508?


Here is a short conversation with Mr. Vuong Quang Khanh, who is using the Peugeot 508, when he returned to the Emotion Day customer service event of the Peugeot Showroom Binh Duong held last week. We had the opportunity to talk to him about some of the early feelings as well as the reasons he had been with the strong lion from France. 

1. Hi, congratulations on owning a luxury sedan Peugeot 508. Can you tell us what you think of this car as your friend? 

Before choosing the Peugeot 508, I also consulted and wondered about the many vehicles. Actually, the Peugeot 508 is not my first preference as well as my initial preference, but it is also a charm when my wife and I accidentally visit the Peugeot showroom, when introduced and advised on the 508 feel. Very much like, not only about the comfort and safety of the car but also the luxury of the brand. After some time thinking and reviewing the car several times, the couple decided to choose Peugeot 508. 

2. How long did you learn about the Peugeot 508 before buying? 

I always pay attention to car information on the internet, so before buying a Peugeot for about 2 weeks, I had to find out a lot of car dealerships in the market, to many showrooms, in which I also pay attention to Mazda6. The reason I'm interested in this car is because in my group of people also own a 508 and I have tried driving a few times. It impresses me by the beautiful design, looks very luxurious, something very special. So, I ended up consulting with other car manufacturers and decided quickly to buy the Peugeot 508.

3. Before the Peugeot 508, what car do you own?

Before buying the Peugeot 508, I used the Navara pickup and the Hyundai Sonata.

4. After a short time using the Peugeot 508, how do you comment?

First of all, the Peugeot 508 has a very luxurious appearance. But still important inside, Peugeot's car is to sit directly in the car, ride the car and experience the new feel the difference of the car from France. It is different when driving on the road, spacious interior space, comfortable seat from soft seat, equipped with many technologies connect people in the car, entertainment system, sounds very good, making Driving becomes enjoyable and inspirational.  

5. Since the Peugeot 508, what car do you use?

The 508 car is mostly my wife's, my wife is a doctor. My job is to pick up trucks, sometimes I use the car to meet customers, meet coffee friends over the weekend.

6. How do your friends and relatives think about buying your car? Relatives loved and agreed with me to buy the Peugeot 508. Some friends did not understand why I bought the 508 because they did not know much about Peugeot, but I did not mind too much because I bought it. Car to use that. (laugh). 

Thank you, and wish you a lot of fun with the Peugeot 508.